when u were young…

20 Sep

Do you Remember the time when u were in primary or secondary skool, this dude will threaten you with a mechanical pencil and shout: ‘LEAD IS POISONOUS TO HUMANS! DON DI SIAO ME HOR!’ then u will just run awaay lyk a sissy boy that u are?

well i didnt exactly ran away, but being the gullible and innocent primary skool kid i was, i nearly had a phobia with mechanical pencils, and prefered those normal pencil instead, even then i always took care not to touch the lead just in case. HAHAHAH

lame was just recollecting about my childhood times while studying for my maths. Thats rite. Flunk it, taking the supp this flyday. but seriously lyk damn rush, can u believe it? thursday get results, this flyday retake liao. And i only managed to finish 1 chapter! oh well. i shall buck up tmr and thursday. damn paper made me miss work for 3 days. Sucks. moneyless!!!

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