09 Sep

On Tuesday, while reading the newpaper, there was this report about some secondary skool teacher marking a student’s biology test paper and corrected her on some mistakes while adding in abit of his own ‘personal comments’.. particularly the word ‘IDIOT’

So this girl didnt think much about it since she pass lar so went home tell the mother, then the mother went and check the paper and found the enlightening comment by the teacher so she got pissed off and go complain the skool + call the newpaper(thats why got report duh.)

Upon being questioned, the teacher say that actually the word ‘IDIOT’ was the answer………..


WAT THE FUCK! i wonder wat the biology paper asked to render a answer with the word ‘Idiot’ in it. ACTUALLY which fucking paper does that?!

Wat a totally moronic reply. that teacher was obviously trying to cover his ass. however he did apologised, but the mother is going to report to MOE.

orbi lar. orbi lar. wat the fuck. i fully support the mother.

I just feel that the idiot of a teacher shld have come out wif a better excuse. as a matter of fact he shld just apologise and don give excuse at all. since its FUCKING OBVIOUS.

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