04 Sep

double post! HAHAHAAH!

i just went back and took a look at my archive and found the entry about my HDD spoiling. theres another followup after that which happened quite long ago and i totally forgotten to update in my blog. its old i noe. and i don see a point to update bt then just a nagging feeling i must.

so to recap:

bought a hdd, go home fix, cock up SATA cable problem, cheat money taxi driver, hdd spoil, got it swapped, and TEMPORARY no problem.

then, it happened. it crashed on me again! WTH!!!!! twice in a row! i reeli donnoe what the heck is wrong with me and my com. lyk totally don lyk me lyk tat! fuck it. i was quite tulalan at this and i give a call to the maxtor ppl telling them i wan to come down to change. they checked my record and said that i changed it once and it is very rare that it will spoil again(meaning to say they think i am mishandling it.) and they say they will ask the higher ups to call me. so i waited for lyk 3 hours thn this guy call marcus called me. donnoe is manager of company? or service manager? just some kind of manager lar. had a nice chat with him. a pleasant person. one of those rare service side ppl who are actually nice to u and try to help u in many ways. up till now i still remember his name. Mr Marcus.

very nice fellow, we talk for quite awhile about this, he was very informative and was able to give me many suggestions and wat they are going to do about this.

in the end he allowed me to change the hdd and i just went down and changed.

Being the very very precautious and curious me, and knowing that this is the 2nd time my hdd spoiled. i went home and did some research. and LO AND BEHOLD! wat i tot doesnt matter actually was the cause of all the trouble!!!! with a little help frm jj too(he bought the same hdd as me. cept his is 300GB) it was actually the fucking jumpers!!!!

fuck it! the jumpers setting i put wronG! and who to blame? the shop ppl. totally nvr tell me anything about this. (ok i oso partly to blame for forgetting to ask) but it IS their duty to tell me wat. fucking cb. next time i will not go to that shop again. dealer stamp oso can forget to chop. wtf. a shop called ‘Bells’ btw. nvr ever go there. sloppy service.

so the morale of the service is nvr play play, donnoe must ask. it was because my ignorance that cause me all this trouble. damn jumper settings. maxtor oso abit cock. if cannot support at least must have warning wat. or not detected or sumthing. how can lyk this? wrong liao still let it be. even Mr Marcus told me (we talk about it) that if the jumper setting wrong BY RITE there shld be notifications. oh well. shit happens.

and talking about spoiling. my 1 months 1 day old creative i trigue 3400’s volume control died on me…. wtF?! took it down to service and had to wait 3 damn long weeks to get it back. turns out they change a brand new one for me. nabei donnoe wats up with creative. u service take 3 weeks i understand. u fucking replace me a new one u nid 3 weeks?! dont u have extra stock at the shop?! wtf are they doing? speaking of which, before that went lurking in creative forums and found out that creative MS(the shop i brought to service) has a very bad reputation for providing shit service. luckily i nvr encounter anything out of the ordinary.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! stay well volume control and don screw up on me again! i don wan to use back my 300year old speaker with no bass.. :(((((

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