04 Sep

I hate girls who are a emotional wreck. i mean i don lyk them and i jolly well won’t have them as my gf. cause this kinda of girls are those who will cry over the slightest things. something which i don lyk at all. maybe since independence is one of my strongest traits(good one too) i totally don appreciate the fact that i have to stand this kinda spineless behaviour during my relationship with her.

I prefer girls who are strong. strong and stubborn. DEE is one of them. ok maybe not THAT strong. she does however put up a strong act. good one too. but stubborn? legendary. i have met my match. She is one heck of a hydra when she gets mad. and i am lyk hercules chopping off her head but it just kips growing back spitting red hot magma at me. holy mama. i njoy that.

no reeli. i do. it just brings out the spiciness in our relationship, but of cause i don lyk to quarrel lar, so pls don misunderstand. We always kiss and make up(eh. makeup? wat the. is that corright choice of word? kiss and.. made up? kiss and.. get up?! OMG! ok braindead) and that is wat makes our relationship work. sometimes u just have to lay down that thing call pride and call it quits. u fight so much for wat? it will just drag and drag and drag. but then hor reeli lor. i think ar. quarreling is in our blood since u noe fire + fire = big fire. seriously, i believe the lastest biggest fight we had was over…….. a plastic bag. yes! we quarrel over a dumb piece of plastic bag. COOL!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAH! im weird. i just don lyk girls that ain’t strong. at least u not strong inside ok. AT LEAST try to be strong on the outside. u not strong inside i will help u to be strong inside.(wats a bf for? i noe i will kip u strong, np) but AT THE VERY LEAST! u shld try your best to act strong. u noe? ok im weird.

Of cause, pls note that i said ‘EMOTIONAL WRECK’ which is a more serious kind of problem thn being ‘EMOTIONAL’. don think u shld call it a problem but watever. so pls girls, don come running to me with a 16″ grass cutter!

Anyways, my here got PASAR MALAM! holy shit! and i think its those 2 weeks or 1 month kind. fuck lor. alot of yummy food lor. i think i almost everyday buy taiwan xiang chang and sometimes shark fins, tutu kueh(coconut), takoyaki and jap pizza! WAH WAH WAH! DAMN FATTENING AND EXPENSIVE OK! taiwan xiang chang already 1 dollar liao. summore now i having this very bloated feeling. shit! must have eaten too many oily xiang chang. ARGHHH! and no more eno! NO MORE ENO!!!! sucks. my stomach so bloated. 😦 indigestion! :((((((

Oh yeah, anyone who read 8 days on a daily basis shld noe about this freelance writer called Jason Hahn. Right? right? NO?! wtF! u are freaking retarded understand?!

he writes food reviews and also has his own column on the very 2nd last page of every mag. religiously talking,(or blogging. i think) about his 2 flatmates, SAFFY AND AMANDA. he basically just talks about those mid 20s working class womens living in singapore whose single and desperately looking for their ‘one and only’ through the eyes of himself.. damn his ONE HECK OF A LUCKY MAN(if saffy and amanda are indeed true blue living breathing singaporean and not made up by some loony trying to make a quick buck), DAMN! because of him i feel lyk moving out and live alone and soon pian find 2 (or even 3 4 5 BRING IT ON!) flatmates as hot and woolala as saffy and amanda. man.. this guy is one lucky man.

….out of jealousy i am just gona say, ‘I think he is BSing. the book is BS. he is BS. and all those are his imaginary friends from his childhood days!!!’

ok. rant over. anyways if u guys donnoe he already has two books out. the first is, ‘Asking for trouble:tales of Saffy and Amanda’ and the 2nd is ‘table for three: More tales of Saffy and Amanda’.

I definitely recommend this book to everybody, even if u religiously read his column in the 8 days. the book rocks! the first book basically tells u about how he met saffy and amanda and all their escapades. the 2nd one has MORE of this escapades and encounters + his adopted black mongrel ‘pooch’. more detailed though. all in all both books are great and i highly recommend it to u guys. READ IT!

times retails both books at 16.80SGD. i got the 2nd book at 20% discount. but when dee bought the first book, which was the same day as me,(she bought it at TM , i bought it at MS) there was no discount. weird…. maybe no ‘20% off’ sticker tats why? hahaha. lame.

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