24 Aug

*the following post is just plain logicless. u have been warned.



why got maths? maths sucks. Why is there maths in this world? i wan to go back in time and kill the guy(s) who invented mathematical formulas that is more chime thn + – x and /.

and i totally don understand why we have to study engineering maths in our course. WHY?! next time we come out we will be maintaining buildings. WAT THE FUCK WE NID LOGS AND FUNCTIONS AND TRIGO AND MATRICS FOR?! ACTUALLY WAT THE FUCK IS IT USED FOR IN REAL LIFE ANYWAYS!?!?!!?!?!?

Me: Uncle, 1 coke how many?
Uncle: F(x) = 3x + 1
Me: HA!?
Uncle: Find F(3)
Me: Uncle, the coke how much?
Uncle: a^2 = b^2 + c^2 – 2bcCosA
Me: *walks away

now wat the fuck is wrong with this entire world?!!?!?

IF i was the president of the world, Nobody shall use maths that is more chime thn + – x and /. Those who disobey shall eat mee siam with no HUM!


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