wat star sign u are?

11 Aug

hohoho i am uber bo liao and i decided to do this

How ‘insert star sign here’ are you? shit.

the interesting thing is. i did everything! hahahah! i think everybody has different personalities and its fun to try them all out and see wat star sign u are close to.

By the way my own star sign is ‘CANCER’. the crab not that lump u fuckstick.

so here goes:

You are 80% Cancer





How Cancer Are You?

nothing much to say? im a cancer. so go figure.

You are 87% Scorpio





How Scorpio Are You?

wat? im more scropio then cancer? hoho.

You are 27% Taurus





How Taurus Are You?

Dee is one. hohoho. and stubbornness is taurus’s trademark. =X

You are 60% Aries





How Aries Are You?

Aries people are mad

You are 47% Gemini





How Gemini Are You?

Very friendly.

You are 20% Leo





How Leo Are You?

to me i just think leo personality sucks. period.

You are 60% Virgo





How Virgo Are You?

Virgo personality are cool to me

You are 20% Libra





How Libra Are You?

Vain people who are extroverts. eg. Ah li

You are 53% Sagittarius





How Sagittarius Are You?

there are some traits i lyk and some i totally HATE about Sagittarius. stupid spelling too.

You are 27% Capricorn





How Capricorn Are You?

Materialistic and stingy. not my cup of tea.

You are 60% Aquarius





How Aquarius Are You?

one word: Funny. quite lyk their personality i do

You are 20% Pisces





How Pisces Are You?

Vulnerable, naive, in short. no spine. but of cause im anything if i have this kind of fwens. just glad im not lyk them.

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