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29 Jul

alrite. im in da mood for lurvveeeeeeee!!! no…wait. wrong. actually im in the mood for typing. so before this magical effect wears off i shall type to my heart content.

i requested for JJ to do his fwen’s review. so then i think i shall be fair and typed out my review of my fwens (close fwens to be exact). so here goes. i not lyk jj. must recharge. i one time shoot all out. not as detailed of cause. but still beats dragging and donnoe when the next one will be, or whether there is even gona be a next one. HAHA! lubbrishman.

Placing not in order of importance!

*before u read, note from author: ok, this is wat i think about my fwens, of cause if u are listed inside, and u feel angry cause i hit your ‘anger point’ or watever, seriously, i don give a phucking shit, if u wan u can go review me in your blog and say out my bad points(as long as it is true). of cause. if u think that wat i have said is wrong, u can always correct me since this is just MY side of the story. thank you. šŸ™‚

JooSeng aka Tomoya

3 words: Cock cocks, cocked.

HOW: know him in secondary skool lor. but never reeli tok to him. i smoked earlier than him, so when first i go smoke with his so call grp of fwens(which consist of silly ginna pis frm lower sec.) i totally cannot stand them. scare police, scare this scare that. smoking donnoe how to smoke(i wont elaborate on how to smoke correctly, cause i donwan to teach bad) abit reeli bth their attitude.

Then i think he oso don quite lyk me last time. Never reeli much tok to him. until donnoe when, i think is during that time when i fail my maths and i wan to retake, den i donnoe WHY i go and tell him and i DONNOE WHY he just say he will teach me. knn. its lyk god just wan us to be fwens, kinda grateful to him lar, willing to sacrafice his time to teach me for free. hahahaha. then donnoe got once i think he emotionally down for a period of time, and seeing that he did helped me i oso try my best to help him lar, then frm there things just developed lor. we became buddies lar. die die buddies all this. haahah. erm. pls don think TAT way. im not gay.

about him: cock. full of cock and cock. nothing but cock. but he can oso be serious and dish out some nice advice. my confidant so to say. comes down to bedok time to time to meet me, then sometimes i go bugis find him. why? later i tell u. sometimes his cockness is so great i feel lyk punching him.

Trivia: once ran away from the police when stopped for smoking cause he underage at tampines interchange, was eventually caught and scolded, nothing happened lar cept tio warning letter, then frm then on hated the police till he was 18, and kept telling me he will smoke infront of the police station when he is 18. mad.

Also owns 2 or 3 shops in bugis selling clothes for girls, together with his family. rich entreprenuer i tell u. girls, he is a good catch, if u can tahan the cockness of him.

JennJia aka baobiao/JJ

3 words: lyk a log.

how: he ar. hohoho. is oso my sec skool fwen, but not close at all, totally! not close. cause he is… (pls see ‘about him’ section) noe him better after sec skool but donnoehow.

anyways, yeah. i actually. donnoe how i got close with dem. hmmmm.. something must have happened magically i tell u. i just cannot remember how. i lyk to tok to him. i donnoe why. but it has become a habit. everyday standard. he online i must find him tok. if he not there, i just feel uncomfortable. weird. i wonder if he go ns i how. haiz. HAHAHAHAH

About him: super introverted. the one and only fwen tat i noe is a introvert. (be proud jj) and lazy. and loves to eat. loves his prawns, lyks to unload things, love his com, self confessed com expert, loves his home, hates things tat are over 300m frm his house. and lacks proper manners. shy whenever it comes to girls and sometimes quite prideful or independent, depending on how u see it. SELDOM ask for help. and his temper control is excellent, seldom explode, but once he does, woot. god bress u. LYK TO LIE AND LIE LYK A PRO! and oso a soccer enthu, supports man u, and watch and play soccer oso. doesnt lyk nong hair, the hair i nvr see before grow more thn 10cm.

he is oso, funny, lame(lyk me!!! WEEE) great conversationist,(atleast to me), one of those kind that can understand me logicfully.(i donnoe how to exprain, but tat is oso why i lyk to tok to him.) game enthu! play play play! woot. with all this good point who can hate him? i lyk him man!!! wEEEeeEE!

Trivia: if he say thank you, sorry, hello, goodbye or anything that shows that he is courteous, IMMEDIATELY take down 4 numbers u see(TIME,DATE etc) and go buy 4D or toto. u will strike!

yong quan aka Ahdumb

3 words: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

how: he is my primary skool mate and oso sec skool mate, not close reeli until after sec skool(same as jj and gang) all i noe at that time is he is super perverted.

About him: super horny high sex drive pig. excellent temper control, nvr see him angry before, totally no! angry as in EXPLODE kind of ngry, i tell u he is lyk buddha, limitless amount of tolerance.

talk cock alot. super cock king. lyk to say he is hot, handsome, hunky, cool, watever. he is just super lyk to say every good things about himself. but that is oso why he is funny. entertainer so to speak. clown if u wan to go blunt. game enthu, sort of lar. haha

hmmm, wat else? he has a totally different mindset from how he acts, as in when u see him serious and when u see him joking is completely lyk 2 different person, thinking is KINDA matured, a determined ass i guess. i cannot comment much since i oso not that close enuff to evaluate him properly. overall, a nice fellow to get along with, no problem watsoever,cept sometimes he complains lyk a sissy.

Trivia: He claims that he can masturbate alot of times, and can have sex with a girl continously for donnoe how many times, whether he big cannon or wat we donnoe, cause we nvr try before.

leslie aka ali/ali baba

3 words: super extrovert type.

how: sec skool days, noe him through jj and gang.

about him: starting in sec skool, he is just those kinda nerdy nerdy one, with side parting and slope hairstyle. then all of a sudden he just changed into sumone who just wan to be ‘in’, start to care about his appearance, and start to have machine gun mouth, and start to care about money(alot), and stuffs lyk tat, i donnoe why, sum say is cause parents pressure him and he went mad, but i just don care? anyways, yeah, machine gun mouth, cannot stand him, shoot shoot shoot, hit alot of ppl’s ‘anger point’ including mine, and jj’s, mine is got alot, so common, but to hit jj’s, woot, he damn sharp shooter. i think he machine gun mouth is just cause he is impatient and don think before he say things. so i don blame him too much, not as thought is purposely.

he is oso, quite ‘jiang yi qi’ lar. QUITE. and he is ok to a certain extent as in u can tok to him fine, as long as he don hit your anger point nothing will go wrong. tok cock alot too.. a determined and hardworking jackass. one of those i know that have super good potential in being a big CEO of a company. once he set his mind on something, he will do it all the way. he is ultra extroverted. cannot stay at home type. must be lyk wanderer. his house is machiam hotel. he and quek are gay partners.

big fat flirter, just for the fun of it actually. hmm.. wat else? im lyk losing steam. hahahah. ok end for him, no trivia, cause i donnnoe wat to put for him.

august aka kuah/kuak

3 words: I don noe.

how: noe him through JJ and gang, same class with me in sec skool, just noe he ask alot of question in class.

about him: english educated, but toks chinese too, a normal kinda guy i guess? but he sometimes oso have those kinda machine gun mouth, just that he is not
think without saying, it is just maybe somehow he is abit insensitive towards other ppl’s feeling. tat is ok too, as long as u don purposely. supported 100% by his parents, donnoe. so not very independent, but since he is still skooling, no complain there. bicycle enthu, can cycle pro-ly.

can tok to, no problem, dee lyks to tok to him. donnoe why, love of animes i guess. basically, he do his stuffs, i do mine, not reeli very close with him. ok. shall end here.

quek aka ducky

3 words: quek qack queck.

how: noe him through jj and fwens too.

about him: bicycle enthu, lyk kuak. his bmx?? is zhng till very powerful one ok? excuse king finder. can find many reasons and excuse to get out of trouble,

oso another quite ‘jiang yi qi’ one. can tok to, no problem. he and ali gay partners, everytime meet meet meet drink bubble tea. so yeah. not so close with him, he do his stuff i do mine, so yeah. oh yeah. he is oso a car enthu.

FINISH.(Actually i oso got other close fwens, but i just don feel lyk posting theirs down. hahaha. i guess thats just cause they don read my brog? hahaha

finally. just wan to say nobody in this world is perfect, each of us have our own good points and bad points. i choose to list down both good points and bad point because i don wan to be biased, not cause i wan to spite anybody. so yeah. tats all.

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