12 Jul

Reading my fwen’s blog. i myself was oso prompted to blog.

Blog about wat? my skool life in poly

Seriously my life in poly is totally diff frm sec or ite or watever.

First of all, I just became a loner all of a sudden. I mean.. i totally cannot blend in with those ppl in my class.

Maybe is the age. Maybe is cause first impression. Maybe is cause of other things i donnoe.

But the thing is, i just wan to go home everytime after skool, even though some of my fwens chio me go foodcourt or elsewhere eat. no mood lar. then there are those i find ok one. but oso nothing much.

Cause as u noe, u may find them ok they mite not find u ok. so yeah lor

And the 2nd thing that is different is, i totally no motivation to study Maths. Just lyk wat my fwen said. Poly teachers all no life. only thing is teach, and when times up, disappear faster then u can pack your bag.

Maths is reeli a mountain to climb. totally diff from ITE. A maths summore. i totally clueless.

Ok lar, not totally clueless i got 45/100 for my first term test. hohoho..

But still, My overall Happiness level in poly and the way i act in poly, i am highly dissatisfied.

but seriously i just cannot blend in. its as simple as that. i donnoe the reason and seriously i am not motivated to find out.

That time in ITE i always wonder why those older thn us lyk to act loner. Now i finally understand. Haiz. If people who know me nong ago suddenly see me lyk this in poly. i am sure they will be shocked. hahahahaha.

Totally no mood.

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