09 Jul

yes. Portugal and germany. Singing national anthem. 3rd and 4th placing match today. watching it now.

Anyways just suddenly have a tot. a tot about wat i wan as a job next time. Well to me i find doing a normal job boring… as in.. jobs lyk.. engineers, office workers, office man, office ladies, lawyers all this is not my ideal job as to me it is just too normal and ordinary.

Next time i will find jobs that are uncommon and maybe unusual too. best is classified ad don have kind.

Sum examples will be, those regulate TV channels one (can watch flee tv. HAHAHA) those that regulate the traffic lights. (i find it fun to long at alot of tvs at one go.) etc.

Basically, any job that nobody noes or haven heard about, and those who are cut off with the outside world, as in totally don nid tok to customers, guest etc. is the best.

why? absolutely no reason, i guess it is just my nature as sumone who lyks to act different and rebel. its just plain boring to do the same thing as.. i donnoe? 1000000 million others?

ahhh but when u are hungry, got money who cares? lol

Anyways today got sumone came to my house and say he is a surveyor from the media corps or media authority or sumthing.. cldn rememeber, told me to do a survey. (REELI IS A SURVEY! COMPLETE WITH BOOKLETS AND numbers! and ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree shit)

The survey is entitled ‘ASEAN something something something’ cannot remember lar.

Anyways its just a survey that the person claim is done in all countries in ASEAN. and just to ask about your life. wat your tots on social things, political things, standard of living and your view on the garment all this shit lar.

But… Better dont say. better don say. took me 45 mins to finish. WHICH the person say was FAST as compared to others, who on average used 1hour. wth??? fast u oso not happy dude? early knock off u don wan? u mean to say u ENJOY doing this shit?! Anyways he repeated all the question to me even though i have the booklet and seriously, his engrish sucks. BIG TIME SUCKS. in the end ‘as a token of appreciation’, i get a 5dollar bengawan solo voucher. But,

better don say lar.

anyways i just wan to say something stupid.

Dee brought down the dry clothes from the hanging poles,
My Dad washed the clothes in the washing machine,
And i hanged up the wet clothes.

HAHA 3 person do one task. great.

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