wats the diff?

30 Jun

Those who study poly noe how to talk, but donnoe how to do.

Those who come out of ITE noe how to do, but donnoe how to talk.

And there are those who donnoe how to do neither do they noe how to talk.
It has come to my attention recently tat some of my classmates,(especially girls) don lyk engineering skool. As in the class/floor/wall/etc. they don lyk. weird.

Its the same one wat. if u say u don lyk the course i understand, but u don lyk the PLACE? thats kinda weird.
o well. i have no qualms.

Poly life is kinda weird for me. not say weird lar. more of a lyk, In some areas, i can be super good, but in other areas i am super bad… due to the fact that i have been detached frm secondary skool for 3 years.. With all due respect, i am not saying ite sucks, i think i didnt make a wrong choice in going to ITE. and i believe that learning all those things in ITE has helped me in one way or another in POLY, what im just trying to say that there are pros and cons of both skools that u come out frm before going to POLY.


Pros: Practical work are no kick for u when u go to poly. and i mean ADVANCED kind. not simple kind

Cons: in terms of theory, super boink. too easy in other words. therefor when u go poly, u are machiam frm climbing a hill all the way to climb mount everest wif a two ton elephant on your back. especially true in MATHS! wats worse i nvr study A maths in sec skool! and my maths is total flying fucking HOOO! suckage.

Secondary Skool

Pros: u are more prepared in terms of theory.

Cons: u will totally macho suckageeeeeeeee in terms of practical.

But all in all, those who come out from poly will mosst probably only noe how to talk instead of do. since doing doesnt require a high IQ(follow instruction ma, u donnoe how to follow isit? u dumb lor) while talking does.

and to conclude. all in all, i can handle poly life, but its pretty hard to suddenly convert all my thinking to theory mode when i all along for 2 years was stuck in practical mode… oh well.

I end here.

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