And the awards goes to….

20 May

Me! Fucking dumbest human in the world award! Thank you.

Let me just tell you guys what happened that made me deserved this award.

Yesterday went sls(sim lim square for guys who are not tech savvy. tsk i pity u…) to get a new harddisk as my old one not enuff space.

bought a 200GB MAXTOR DIAMONDBACK 10 HDD for $128. Go home and wanted to install but dee say cannot and told me to wait till tmr as she said i nid to sleep early, okies. nvm. wanted to fill in the warranty card but realised the dealer nvr chop chop their stamp. which is dam goodness gracious me! to me. wanted to print out the reciept so can send it togther to the company as prove of purchase. but tired and lazy and forgot. so sleeps.

Next day wake up want to fix up HDD. got ready tools and went to search for screws, which was in the motherboard box.

Found quite a number of spare parts inside and told myself to memorised this things so that next time if need don gong gong go and buy for nothing.

Took screws out and starting fixing, clean the interior and exterior before tat. darn dusty lyk shit..

Fixed halfway and found out sumthin weird. New HDD no 4 pin power plug(molex?? JJ said.) OLD HDD have. Weird. darn weird. called JJ and he explained to me newer models of HDD uses ‘SATA power cable’. JJ said by right shld be have as my one is quite new, but i couldnt find.

Started to gan chiong and sian. Tot of going to sls AGAIN bored the shit out of me. called the shop and person told me he can give me the Sata power cable for free.

took cab down. kena cheated by taxi man who frm PIE>CTE>EXIT BUKIT TIMAH>LITTLE INDIA>SLS. And yes, he was a malxy. cab ride = SGD8.30

nvm. Went to the shop and told the person problem, he wanted to sell me the thing for $1. Told him i called and said the person on the phone said can give for free, he kept asking who and wat name, i said donnoe, after awhile he just anything and gave me for free. and i soon pian ask him to chopped for me the warranty card.

Looked at the power cable and found it to be super duper fucking idiotic familiar. suddenly just tot of motherboard box.

Took mrt home, before tat gong gong ness and forgot to ask the fellow wat the hell the jumper on the HDD is for. nvm. reached home and check box…………… After that Said some reeli mean things to hurt myself… bang head against wall, set myself alight and jumped down frm my kitchen window.

Found out I have 2!!!!!!!!! of those spare SATA power cables. Thinking about it now, i still feel stupid. Why? read my bolded text above if u still donnoe.

But as a consolation, Luckily i nvr spend $1 buy that thingy. arbo balls will burst frm too much grasping.

Later at night, which was just now, wanted to find out more about the stupid jumper. so go maxtor find the digital instruction manual…………………………….


Why the hell am i talking about tat? it has nothing to do with me getting the award.. hmm must have njoyed myself too much typing. Still it was quite interesting, had a little ‘debate’ with JJ regarding the stupid manual’s figures and diagram. And he even called me STUPID and DUMB. rofl. U good. best friend lor JJ~ (Y) hahahahah

To let you guys get a hint of wat we were ‘debating’ about… erm… i shall post the following pictures for u to see.

And to show u prove of wat jj said. i shall post the chatlog too! see u in court jj.

Click to enlarge.

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