Tag your moofoo shit of a pie.

14 May

I keep reminding myself to blog, but i kip donnoe wat to blog about, so with a little bo liao ness and clicking here and there i managed to get this frm mr alonso’s brog.

I AM: who I am (nick in CSS!)
I WANT: to have money in my pocket. lots of it.
I WISH: money would fall in my pocket. lots of it
I HATE: Oranges
I MISS: Cant think of anything i miss right now.
I FEAR: cockroaches.
I HEAR: myself typing this.
I WONDER: Why money don fall into my pocket?
I REGRET: nothing to regret.
I AM NOT: a girl, im a guy!
I DANCE: when i club. ( which is ancient history)
I SING: when i feel lyk it i guess, usually when i listen to music.
I CRY: when i am very very sad, and i mean VERY.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: ermmm… donnoe how to add.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: things that i wan to make.
I WRITE: this as a stupid jackass reason to update my blog.
I CONFUSE: when i see bad grammer.
I NEED: games! city life! rise of legends! Spore! BAAHHHHHHH!
I SHOULD: be earning money.
I START: to wonder why i no money.
I FINISH: what? finish waT? don understand.
I LOVE: to have loads of money in my pocket. and of cause i love my DEEEE
I REMEMBER: I still nid to have loads of money in my pocket.
I tag: Baobiao AKA JJ. If u dont do this! Your backside will fall offf jj!

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