pizza, food, yummy, HUNGRY! *Random thoughts* mumble mumble*

04 Apr

everything tat happens in this world is explainable, its just tat humans are too self centred to accept the naked truth that is place right infront of them. *smacks hand*

some wacko scientist: everything tat happens can be explained with science, and if science cannot interpret something that happens right smack infront of my big nerdy eyes, then it ain’t true.

Seriously, Scientist are freaking weirdos. Ironic reeli.

Its raining lately, seriously its been very long… so long.. since i last.. haiz. how i wish i can be in a daze, oblivion to the surroundings. donnoe why, but lately i just cant. donnoe so alert for wat fark.

Im a weirdo. i love to be in a daze and just don give a flying cheebye about anything, letting my mind shut down for a few moments. but lately, i just cant. donnoe y.

lack of sleep and food makes Joey a grumpy man.

Its nice to read cookie’s blog.. seriously reading her entries make me feel… i donnoe how to explain lah. its just a nice feeling. Bloggers with talent lyk this are hard to come by. donnoe if u are reading this or not Ms Cookiesareblue, but kip up the good work yeah? lyk your blog so damn much!!!

why aint i born in the year 1985? Blardy 800 flee dollars lei! WHY?! sucky sia.

We who are born in the year of the Tigers are always at the luigi end.

lightning thunder BOOM BOOM BOOMMM! its gona rain soon.

i shall stop here.

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