26 Jan

yes… another post, more serious, if u guys don wan to read this nvm. oso nothing much, the below one is about bbq, so u shld read that.


The ordeal is over i guess, came as a surprise to me,but im still glad…

i hestitated, i mean, wat happen if it happens again? can i reeli take it one more time? this ordeal was reeli very frightening to me… i’ve nvr seen sumthing lyk this before.. of cause i have my fair share of experience… and i can tahan it. but going through the ordeal was not reeli pleasant lar, and of cause i reeli don wan to go through it again… (siao! who wants???) but if it happens, can no problem, i’ll take it as it comes.. im a anything kinda guy…

why hesitate u ask?

The biggest and most impt question is:

Is it worth it???

That is the biggest and most impt question.(hmm i think i repeated that)…

things have happened in the past to make me have this kinda doubts, isit reeli worth it to go through it again? shld i reeli endure it? shld i reeli do it?

thats why, i nid to think….

but sumthing happened…… notes, many pieces of notes, notes that were hand written, notes that were digitally send… it made me think about things, made me think about the past… things that just makes me feel happy.

and most imptly, things that made me think that it is reeli worth it to actualli go through it agian IF it were to happen (touch wood!!! of cause i don wan it to happen!)

So yeah… call me silly, call me mad, love is a unexplainable thing anyways…

I can feel the sincerity. thats the answer if you reeli wana know.

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