Blogging? its suppose to be fun. not lyk this.

12 Jan

blog wars are stupid.

Reeli stupid.

still i must say. a blog is lyk a OPEN diary, u reeli have to be responsible with what u say. if its a normal diary, where u are the only one who noes the content. then fark! just heck care and write watever u deem fit.

but if its a blog, seriously, u reeli nid to noe wat u are typing, especially when u have some kinda influence over ppl.

do u see political personals blabbering nonsense?
do u always see stars, superstars, famous stars blabbering nonsense?

heck! do u see your OWN mom and dad blabbering stuffs they shld not blabber to u?

whatever it is, when your thoughts are out in the open, its best to check first before u let it out, cause who knows? u mite just invite trouble all day long. now seriously? who wants trouble? life is already so tiring, u still wan to go see ppl spite u in the comments section? and waste your time moderating them?

i can think of millions of things to do either thn tat.

Its good to be open minded, its good to not falter under pressure, but sumtimes, great influence comes with great responsiblities. without that, u are just lyk a machine gun outta control, ultimately, u are the one who suffers, unless of cause u tell me u enjoy the attention, then i lan lan nothing to say.

but reeli, in the world of the internet, and the real world that we live in, almost everyone of us have a different persona, and usually the one in the internet are bolder, cause there is a fixed mindset, something lyk this: ‘u cant see my face, u donnoe who am i, i can just crap all over your head and u cant do nothing. neh neh ni neh neh’.

what a dangerous thinking… it may be true, but i believe in the long run, its gona affect your mentality. u are just gona think that u are invincible, and when one day, all this comes crashing down, u are just gona go down with it.


and for those ppl who says things lyk: ‘if u not happy, don read lor’. seriously, this ppl don understand the term
‘influential’ but i bet they shure noe the term ‘ignorance’. and aplenty. maybe even more thn me.

bunch of bootlickers.

Editor’s note: In no way did i partake in any blogwars of any sort. i am just a bystander. its just tat sumtimes, when u are focusing on the whole thing while those ‘fighters’ are busy defending who they think is correct, u just tend to see both sides. u noe? hohoho. watver. I AM JUST TYPING THIS FOR FUN. if u not happy. sue me. (its better thn telling u not to read. since u already read it? HAHA.)

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