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10 Jan

If someone close to u lies to u one time.

maybe u can forgive this person,

2nd time?

no problem!

3rd time?

Okies okies lar.

4th time???

Hmmm.. i think i am just too generous.

5th time?????

I reeli donnoe.

SEriously, there is a limit to a person tolerance. if that person’s tolerance is tested to the limits, it is definitely gona get ugly. well, for me that is.

Respect, i just want some type of RESPECT. ANY kinda RESPECT would do.

I just want some acknowledgement. A-C-K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E-M-E-N-T

kanina buah phua cheebye! u farking just don show me no respect to me.

U treat me lyk some hideous creature that cannot be shown the light. its lyk, i don reeli give a shit wat u do. i just want respect. why why why cant u show me that? Dignity. a person nids his dignity. A MALE nids his diginity.

U don freaking show him some respect, u noe how that feels?

I finally noe wat is my weak spot.

seriously, i donnoe how long i can take this.

U lie to me, time and time again, u don freaking show me no respect, always doing the things that i don lyk. and always being unhappy about things that U can do, but when i wan to do wat u can do, i just cannot. or u will get unhappy.

U noe. What the hell is all this? im getting kinda sick and tired of all this. SICK AND TIRED, U LIE U LIE U LIE. U DO THINGS THAT I DON LYK. U DON FARKING SHOW ME NO RESPECT.

no respect, nvm.
no acknowledgement? whatever it is that ppl do, they just want to be acknowledge…. i am no different frm this ppl.

two simple things. nada. u show me none of this 2 things.

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