Hap new ear and mar crisp mars

02 Jan

Woot! happy new year! and belated Merry Christmas!

Been busy lately with games games and more games!!!

Being a hacker is fun! woot

Short post. cause no tendency to say much about new year or watever shit. holds little significance to me….

Though i must say. it was a year to remember cause… cause…

I met my precious little baobei then. and we have been together for a whoooooooooooooopppinggg 9 months nearly 10months liao.

Its reeli a good time spent. U noe? My relationship is way over wat ppl have encountered.. or at least what i or any fwens i noe have encountered… Cause practically Every single dae, WE are always together. We see each other almost 90% of the time…. We eat together, bathe together(sometimes! HAHAHA) And sleep together… I take this as a whole new different experience, I mean. I’ve never thought of this situation before, and i find it rather unique and even proud of myself to be able to last so long,

My ma says, Its easy to be in a relationship, but its definitely not easy to Stay soooo close together when u ain’t married or watever… roughly i think is lyk tat lar..

I think u shld noe wat i mean, i find it a great feat that WE have accomplished this sorta things… and trust me, it wasnt easy. Pride,Face,Grudge,Whatever, all this have to be thrown out of the window in order to make everything Swee swee… to be able to live all under one roof… but im glad we brave through all this.. im reeli glad to have met this gerl.

Deeeeeee! i lurrveeee uuuu!!! muaCkz!

And of cause, i have to thank my dad for not opposing or anything to this, having a extra person to cover… of cause Dee does household chores, so i guess it pretty covers up everything, but still im grateful for my dad.

its reeli darn rare for me to say this. its one in a lifetime thingy. so take note of today, cause its gona be a longggggggggg time(if ever) ill say it again.

I LURRVE U DAD!!!! (as if he will noe… HAHA, tats the point i guess)

of cause i do have to say thanks to my ma too… she may be long winded and super pokey… but still, seeing what she have gone through, i understand her actions…

hhoho. happy new ear once again! WEEEE!!!

Gantz is a cool anime.

*Writer apologise for incoherent post. Lazy to think and structure sentences. Reeli lazy. so just anyhow shoot.


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