The Lion VS the 4 kids. who will win? its god dam obvious reeli.

25 Dec

Went and watch Nahia just now, and i just came back….

I got mixed feelings about this show and im gona tell u why: Simply cause I was in agonising Agony during the last hour of the show. I dam well hope i don kena bladder stones!

Shit, i was lyk…… tahaning it alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the while until the ending lor! I couldn reeli enjoy it cause i was distracted, trying hard to concentrate and control, wth……. but seriously, if i haven’t been so-called ‘concentrating’, i’ll find it a rather nice show reeli. Dee on the other hand, said that it wasnt ‘what she expected’… hahaha! and to think that she was the one who reeli wanted to watch the show, while I, was converted frm a bad impressionist to a good one… hoho! hmmm.. actually not say good lar… i still kinda find the show abit long winded…. and kinda stupid too…

I mean, the person who told of the prophecy…. must be sum dude… with reeli too much time on his hands, wat a joker… i mean, yeah.. wat he wrote is True, Yep, true to the last ink on watever he wrote the prophecy on… but maybe he think his ink left too many, go and extra put in 4 humans…

Cause seriously, those bunch of kids are, infact, just kids! wat the heck can they do? get rid of the white witch and save Narnia? HAH!!!! i think they are more concern about their Turkish delights and going home and play their beloved game of cricket thn save sum make-believe land where logic makes no sense watsoever….

Basically every… and i mean… every single thing is the lion do…. frm Sacrificing himself to rescuing those kiddies…. and finally killing the white witch.. allll is he do.. the kids just do nothing but wield weapons given by SANTA CLAUS himself. WAT A FARKING JOKE!

And u noe wats best? After everything, the lion just give the 4 thrones to those kids, and disappear to nowhere. HOW GREAT! wat is he? a saint!? either tat, or his a moron….

Stilll, i find the humour and the whole setting of the movie… not bad… tats wat reeli scored. as for story.. reeli… its lame. Those kids are just there for show, morale boosters at most.

I guess the Writer(its based on a novel) must reeli lyk lions.. or hate them… watever. oh yeah.. the music in the show is not bad too.. plus those mythical creatures they used… cool.

After the show… when the credit roll, i just chiong to the toilet, but before that, the subtitles there got put sumthing about ‘please don leave your seat… blah blah blah…’ I think it has sumthing to do with the lion after the credits?? but reeli.. i cannot tahan liao… so i just heck care… If anybody watched the show liao and knows wat happen after the credits. mind updating me? thanks!

I think i’ll give it 3 categories of rating then:

Sounds/Music: 8/10 (-2 cause its not my type of music.)

Settings/Background/Watever shit that u see in the show:9.5/10(-0.5.. cause nothing is perfect in this world. HAHA!)

Story: 4.5/10(Reason stated above. the kids… are reeli… just for show…)

Overall:22/30 ( Heck i mite give it sum more points if i haven been in agony for the last hour. plus the thing about the credits… oh well)

Anyways, Merrryyy christmas to all u guys out there! and a happy new year!!! WEEEEE.. knn go orchard squeeze ppl. kena sprat summore. Bah. Still its festive season so no qualms there. but i think i’ll not go there for new year again! sux. go sumwhere wif less ppl is best. any ideaS? hohoho

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