National kelong foundation Sega.

21 Dec

Hey saw the 10pm show ytd. and seriously…. hearing this makes my blood boil.

‘Of every $1 donated, only 10cents is used to help those patients under National kelong foundation’

Seriously. tats pretty outrageous…. but theres more to come! how bout this?:

‘Indian company makes a deal with National kelong foundation. National Kelong foundation pays money but never receive goods. Nothing is done. National Kelong foundation just diam diam’

wat does this sounds lyk to u?

And this:

‘National Kelong foundation sponsers its own staffs and gets concert tickets for them.’

Of cause, all this happened during the previous reign of the previous board of directors and rite now they are gone, so logically things will change. RITE?

Or will they?

Singaporeans….. we all know how singaporeans are….

SO lyk now wat? once they dig up all those dirt. wats the garment gona do?? how bout the money we donated? are they gona just kip quiet and let things rest as it is? or perhaps return the money to those who actually donated? Or will the garment just ‘confiscate’ them?

or wat?

Seriously. this is gona have a very bad impact on out reputation. I reeli wonder wtf other ppl frm other countries are gona think of Singapore now? and Sumhow, i just have a hunch its not gona be the twin Casino issue… hohoho.

*Names were changed to protect the identities of company involved.. (yeah rite..)

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