08 Dec

Hmm.. its been long since i last brog about sumthing……… productive…. my definition of productive would be sumthing lyk…. wat is actually going on in my brain… not things that i try to remember.. things tat i try to remember/happen in my daily life. i will term it as ‘general’… so yeah… maybe i’ll try to post sumthing ‘productive’ rite now….

Stillll, im having a reeli bad flu… and a terrible headache…. which could render my post gibberish… so pls do bear with me.. Thanks

hmm.. lets tok about relationships. how does a relationship works…… Relationship as in friends friends relationship and relationship as in love love kinda relationship..

Stilll… i think i will be touching more into love thn Friends… Sole reason is cause… well i find that more interesting..

lets tok about friends first though.. leave the best for the last.

yes.. so how? how do u define a ‘good relationship’ wif this certain person u noe? and how do u term a bad one? isit just because u think u haven been contacting this person…. or isit because u and him/her quarreled??



BAHHH!!! my brainnnnn… its exploding…….. Sorry guys.. my brain is experiencing a very very badddddd memory leak… VIRUS ATTACK! bahh… sneezing lyk bananas.. i’ll continue sum other time.


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