wat? no title lar, don see.

30 Nov

to to to. long time no blog.

hoho. i and JJ facing the same problem, got things to say but lazy to blog, then when blogging, just forgot about wat to say.

Hmm, first things first, bought a new com. HOHOHO! finally! a new COM! playing lots of fun games that i nvr could dream of playing last time wif that windows98 com. weeeee. play play play. fast fast fast. but not wifout its problem too. windows XP reeli sux. first dae use got problems liao. but i lazy to explain, now everything is done and i am happy, thats all.

2ndly, School reopened, lyk last week? hoho. Sucky timetable. everydae confirm end at 5pm or later, except for flydae. hate it so much. and that teng fellow. teng teng teng. Gave me a sucky C for product prototyping. i did everything as told. and he gave me a blardy C. farking cheebye. i see liao i dam tulan. wtf man. i hate this stupid teacher. hate him so much i feel lyk stabbing him alive. or maybe let him get cut by the cad/cam machine. SCREW HIM MAN!

He and his ‘wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo’ is driving me nuts. (in case u donnoe, he seem to have sum kinda speech problem, always will start wif a ‘wo’ or end wif a wo’ when he said things.) Knn. Knn. and the way he teach. lets just say…. go frm point A to point B u just nid to walk straight. HE AR! HE AR! will purposely suddenly pop out point C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V. And i am not exaggarating. Reeli is C-V. one thing can say finish in 15 mins. He farking take 1 and a half hours to say finish.

Then boast about his achievement and lots of many many ‘lan cheow wei’.

I hope he get drown in a pile of ‘wo’. (hell if i noe wat that is)

Haiz. the rest of the lessons are equally boring. but mr ‘wo'(s) lesson is the worse. WORSE. i can hardly kip awake when he tok. Always boasting. Always bragging, thats his motto. Screw u.

hmm wat else? my skool is getting painted rite now. So basically it stinks there. Stinky Stinky shit.

Anyways, wat else? hmmmmmmmmm…. nothing… just wana tell JJ that we don remember about things before a certain age, is because our brains are not yet fully developed in the area of ‘recalling and storing memory’ section(that section, according to scientists, is the 2nd longest to fully developed, the first is a person’s maturity. hoho)

Tats why most of the things u cannot remember. but before what age, Tat depends. I cannot remember wat happen before i was 4. when i was 4 years old and donnoe until when, i can remember things, but vague. After that…. normal lor. But i clearly remember sum events when i was 4 years old. So yeah. lolx. tats all.

Warhammer is fun.

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