13 Sep

OOO…. todae had 2 transaction. one for the ipod nano and one for the canon digicam.

Nahia….. was meeting the dude at 3.30pm… then all was well until it rained. wah kaoz. tot it was gona be bad… but it stopped just in time foer me to meet him… hoho this was the first time so long that i was actualli on time for a meeting.. HAHAAH!

The guy’s name was James, be4 we met, we exchanged a number of sms and frm the way i see it, he was reeli hardcore abot it. kept asking me to reserve it for him.. well being the nice guy tat i am. I agreed. (HAHAHA! Crap.)

Anyways met him and found out that his jus a 17 year old kiddo? maybe younger. Kids this days are so dam high end. He so powerful lor. jus check to see whether its new. then jus pay me liao. Steady pon pi pi. k lar.. overall a nice dude.

then the 2nd meeting was at city hall. 6pm. still got time so i go home do my stuffs. lots of emails came asking for the kuku Ipod nano. but too bad i already sold it. ( aCtualli i have another one, but its opened, And its reserved for my Cousin. hahahaha ) i just ignore them. I only entertain those that wanted other accessories. Anyways i oso donnoe how the hell i tuuu until so long….. it was already 5.30 after awhile. Shit i tot. so i wen to bathe… dee was already done by then.. And we immediately took cab down. Rushing lor. by then the sky was already darn dark……. I kept having the uneasy feeling that i forgot sumthing….


Halfway through the journey, it rain. Heavy. heavily. Heaviest. DArn blardy big lor…. then i just checked through everything and to my horror! holy son of a macoroni!!!!


Shit…………………. It was already 6 by then.. late….. late… late.. so i told the fellow to turn back. Wait for me while i get the things at home.. luckily, or so i tot, the taxi driver had a umbrella. but the rain was reeli big lor.. i still kena…..

nabeo.. darn pissed lor… Traffic jam lor. heavy rain lor… sure gona be late till chiat lat chiat lat. So i msg the buyer and told her that i would be late… And i’ll give her another 10 dollars discount for keeping her waiting….. shit……………. then in the end 6.45 then reach…

she’s a convent skool gerl? wearing a uniform as usual.. (heck it i still don understand why they think its cool… u think wat? Jap porn ar?) And she was wif this bui zai…. She was rather shy i think… looks lyk those sporty type. braces.. sumwat tomboyish…. haha. Altheletic? (Spelling check??)

Argh.. made a fool of myself while searching for the batt in the plastic bag.. couldn find it lor… tot i NEVER BRING OUT AGAIN! or i drop it sumwhere.. search search search… then in actual fact it was plastered in between the instruction manual… cax it drop out when i check it… Shit.. kuku me.

Hmmmm.. all along it was lyk the bui zai was checking the thing while she jus stand there quietly… And then she jus pass me the money after the inspection was over and i counted it. and Swee swee another deal jus gone lyk tat. though i lost out 10 dollars but wat the heck.

oh well… then after tat go pizza hut markan wif dee…


thanks dee for accompanying me.. MuaCkz!

P.S. I still got sum of the accessories left to sell… do contact me if interested. thanks

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