National dae eve

10 Aug

Went to the carnival@marina ytd to watch the concert. Go home tat time so many ppl. ninabei phua chicken….

We managed to catch sum singers… amongst them are Machi,FIR,183 club and Kone. the rest i donnoe lar. wuluguay kuku birdys. i think Machi is the best le ba… and FIR. the rest can go back to the kampong/kampung/kampang/Ahwattheheck! grow their farking chow potatoes.. especially the model kuku kum singer kum actor, he dont noe how to sing for shit’s sake. n he calls himself a model, dooddddddddddddd… u are suppose to POSE. not Wiggle and raise your arms high up lyk sum moronic pea-brain? jeeeeezzzzz….

Anyways will post sum photos up soon. including sum fireworks photos… but seriously i rather post the Video of it.. but too bad. Ourmedia and Archive is a bit slow in processing my files.. so i guess we jus have to wait until tmr to see how lor.

Morever, Dee is sick. Real sick. very sick. Initially, 40 degrees celsius!!! I donnoe how long don have this kinda temp liao lor. tats the highest we have encountered… cax it kept flatuating… Anyways. The temperature rite now dropped liao lar. cax jus now bring her go see the doctor. the doctor say it could be Dengue fever. but have to wait 2 more daes to see. if the fever nvr die, or red spots appear then must go blood test.

oh well we shall see for now. She seems okies to me rite now. watching that gong gong yu le bai fen bai…..

yes. time to bathe… tmr still got skool.

anyways, HAppy bdae singapore. i noe its already past midnite. but better late than never rite? HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Will update ASAP. stay sharp and stay tune folks~

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