BAN BAN BAN! Rubber ban lar!

03 Aug

Smoking ban.

Yes. did u guys read it? the one on the top? no? then u shld read.

nabeo…. wat the hell. ban ban ban. first is ciggies raise money until lyk donnoe wat. now is ban ciggies frm places… nabeo. i dam not happy lor…

The price already raise until u wan to give ppl one stick oso must think twice liao. now wan to ban here ban there… how to survive????

Everything is jus a bad bad idea. let me explain:

nxt nxt year clubs and pubs will only have 20% allocated space for smokers. SUMMORE must be different ventilated smoking rooms.

I can imagine wat a typical smoker would encounter when he wans to smoke during that period.

(Background music very loud)

Smoker: ah seng ar! i go smoke hor?
Ah Seng: HAH???!
Smoker: I GO SMOKE LAR. SMOKE SMOKE! (uses two fingers to mimic smoking actions)
Ah Seng: OK!
(smoker walks into smoking room)
Smoker: WAH NINABEI! wat is this? Smoke chamber arh? wah! why so many ppl? Wah piang. siam siam siam! i cant see!!!
(accidentally touches a girl’s boobies,Girl Screams)
Smoker: Paiseh! Paiseh!
Girl’s BF: NINABEI CCB. Wat u think u doing???
(Fighting ensues)

Since cannot see clearly. one punch wrong person. the other oso punch wRong person. then royal rumble start liao. in the end all the smokers kena thrown out…. Plus, 2 months later the place close down cax too many fights.. I ask u lar? how to survive?

kopitiam one oso don wan to say lar. smokers LOVE to sit at kopitiam and since almost 90% of drinkers smoke. i believe kopitiam business will be affected.. 20% only lor… nabei. who would wan to share table wif strangers rite? summore would u share it if one blardy ah pek drunk until cannot drunk? when u drunk. u donnoe wat u doing lor. Wait u kena hantum u oso donnoe. worse if they molest u. if indoors even worse. 10% nia. haiz..

As for bus-stop. haiya. i jus think its stupid. if the bus take long to come. then definitely we wan to smoke one wat. then if its sunny. we stand outside smoke. hot sweaty. go inside bus ppl stare at u. hot weather make ppl frustrated easily. wait not happy complaint letter fly here fly there, Worse,fists oso will fly. If rain, u cannot smoke. u get frustrated at waiting for the FARKING bus. u tulan. and the same things happpen again. ppl wouldn hesitate to complain. if worse case scenerios, those hardcore one frustrated until go and fight wif the bus driver for coming late oso will happen.

So i say.. banning is stupid. u raise price is already good liao. still wan to ban. summore who caught break the law, Orkong $200, Including kopitiam,clubs and pubs and etc.

shit. this year ban bus stop, next year ban Kopitiam, next next year ban clubs and pubs.

10 years later, Your OWN HOUSE oso kena ban from smoking!!

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