Susi. no no. i mean SUSHI.

23 Jul

Yes.. Was suppose to post sushi making ytd. but while typing halfway donnoe press wat fark everything refreshed… so lazy and decided to do it todae. yes. Me and Dee went and bot sum ingredients to make sushi. here are sum photos(Its our first time.. HA HAHA!):

Eh… we were cooking the hotdog.. then didnt noe that was suppose to take out the clear plastic. so ended up Have to take it out after cooking. but that time the wrapper already Stick to it liao. so it was kinda hard… oh well. NEWBIEs!

We cooked finish the rice arh. then we pour in the instant vinegar powder thingy.. then mix ard lor… suppose to pour vinegar and sugar.. but instant one more easy lar. summore we are NEWBIEs! so we oso donnoe how to estimate.. Actualli when i pouring in the powder.. i “tested” the rice alor of times. tats why left so little. haha! The rice is nice.. but kinda dry… Again. We are newbies!!

Hmmm.. nothing much.. jus boiling the hotdog and crabstick. we removed the wrapper frm the Crabstick. but not the hotdog.. hoho! dumbos!

Bowl of cooked crabstick and hotdog. hmmmm

this is the sushi that we made. inside got Ham,salmon,Crabstick and hotdog. hoho! weird ingredients reeli.

The sushi that dee made.. haha! handrolled! duh. nice rite? haha

The sushi i made.. handrolled! haha! mine is neat.. hohoho. neat? Wathehell. haha. Watever.

End product! Plate of Sushis! cutting was hard…. hohoho

hohoho! oh well.. Our sushi was actualli kinda tasty. considering that the rice was kinda dry. and it was our first time.. Dad tried it and said that we could open our own shop already.. HA HA HA! i think his joking. but still….

“JoE & Dee Home-Made sushi”
$3 per pax.
Eat all u want!!

Haha! Overall it was fun!!!!

Jus wana tell my Dee.. hohoh! I njoyed it loads! Thanks. lurrve yea!!! ^_^

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