Todae went out wif dee to first, novena square, wh…

13 Jul

Todae went out wif dee to first, novena square, where there was a small food feast, nothing much. jus bot “ting ting tang” and “Dragon silk” or sumthing lar then went to town and chance upon this food feast at Takashimaya. hmmm.. abit full.. but so tempting!! lots of yummy delights to try out… so jus bot sum lor.. here are sum photos i took using my 6681:

Macau hotplate noodles!!{$2.50} Icky noodles wif scrambled egg, sum char siew, shredded chicken and sum kinda Sauce. Lots of ingredients. but the chilli, sux!

2.5/5 stars

“Ice monster” Mango Sherbet!{$4.90} yummy! *description below!* its supposingly a popular dessert house in taiwan.

4/5 stars

Crabmeat Cai bing!! {$1.50} I think most dudes got eat this before. its jus fried flour wif sum veggie. now add a long and big crabstick.

3/5 stars

The packaging for the cai bing


Bobosho! {$3} its sum kinda popular stall. wif donnoe wat “Grandma old recipe” as their slogan. its jus chow ta radish and sum raw veggie and mayo. supposingly considered a “healthier choice” kinda snack. but.. the chow ta -ness of the thing!! argh… u can see it in the photo. don nid me to say..

3.5/5 stars

Bobosho cover!

So lyk.. hmm.. i think the sherbet is super nice. sherbet btw… is jus very very mashy mushy thingy lor. how to say.. lyk u wan mango. they make it mashy mushy. u wan strawberry.. blah blah lar.. then got ice lar(Duh!) milk, and a scoop of ice cream. $4.90 and its already a big bowl! and i think that is the best i’ve eaten out of all…

Walk here walk there walk till leg pain. then go Tampines.. pasar malam! than walk again!!! bot a hat.. hohoho! imitation “big head” billabong hat for $8. {sorry no photo}

Tats all? now lots of food feast.. bugis oso have.. i think its the same as the taka one. saw it on tv but not very sure.. oh well.. i guess tats the end of the dae?

whew… my leg pain lyk hellllllllllll… sleeping sooonnn!

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