O $ P $

04 Jul

Wat the hellllllllllllllll… i jus recieved a post paid letter… enclosed wif a 50,00000 hell bank note…… and the below wordings:




I/C number: *censor*

*the words are in chinese. but i’ll translate*

“Owe money better come down yourself to pay, if u don pay up, beware your house door get locked by us”

So basicalli… all i wan to say is this ONG is not me. nor my father.. my surname is Chong. and so is my father. (duh) and neither do i live 07-76. i live #04-76

It was jus a case of typo error.. cax the ah long ar… use POST PAID letter lor… then summore the letter outside is use COMPUTER type out the address lor..(tok abot advance in technology) so meaning to say the addy on the outside is wrong.. while the one inside is correct…. and wat is the outside one u say? gong gong. of cax is mine lar!!! tats wat the postman saw and thus this wrongly sent letter ended in my house..

All i can say is AH long nowadaes dam hard to be.. ppl owe u money u still have to pay 35cents to send them a letter to ask them to pay… haiz…

suay ar!!!! but nvm.. it wasnt directly aim at me or my family intentionally.. so i jus threw it awayyyyyyyyyyyy…

now… shld i call newpaper or police? hohohohoh nonsense.

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