aliens are cool. humans sux.

03 Jul

War of the worlds….. omfg! totally rock your jolly ass upside down!!!!!

SCREW those who says it has a sucky ending. all i can say is u guys think too highly of yourself!

Humans were totally PWNED by the alienS!!!!!!

NO WAY could they have killed those aliens!!!

SOOOOOOO if u are expecting a fairytale ending lyk independence dae or Mars attack….. then i suggest u go watch “a lot lyk love” or “batman begins”.

Woahhhh.. all i can say is HG Well’s mind is soooooo godam…. no words to describe! plus steven’s directing… wohooooooooo!!!!

the ending i cant say lar… cax that will be a spoiler… all i can gib is…

1.take note of the starting narration. And the ending narration.

2.Immune system is a very powerful thing.

3.Aliens eat our stuffs. and Breath our air.

If all this doesnt make any sense to u. of cax it doesnt! u nvr even watch the show yet!!!! if it does.. good. u are halfway there. u shld jus go watch it…

alrite.. aside frm the Ending and all this…. in terms of cinematics and special effects… i rate it as pretty good… the show is full of mind numbing destructions. and heart popping scenes…. ESPECIALLY when u hear the little gerl’s Scream… WAHHH.. if i’ve got a daughter lyk her.. i think i’ll be charged wif child abuse….. omg…. her scream.. hmmm.. more lyk SHRIEK… Is so powderful.. i grabbed the seat handles everytime she does it….. tom cruise and his ‘son’ oso not bad lar…. but wat reelli stand out was his daughter… superb actress at such a tender age. i see potential in her…

God… overall a superb and doubling awesome show!!!!! u all shld watch it!!!! i highly recommend it!!!

4/5 stars!!!!

Seriously, don expect a fairytale ending.

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