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28 Jun

hmmmm… donnoe how to start. but let me jus say wat happened on fridae til ytd. which is sundae.

k. so i told u guys that my card reader and nokia pc suite cannot use rite? thus rendering all access to my com via phone and so on.

so.. i wen and told my fwen abot it.. and he borrowed me his card reader driver installation CD. i managed to get the card reader to work. so i tot that all problems have been solved.. but then i oso realised that the 64mb SD MMC has a small storage. so decided to go buy a 256mb. and managed to get a kingston 256mb one. but this time its a MMC rather thn a SD MMC. but nvm, the card reader can read both SD and MMC. or so i tot.

go home and try…. donnoe why cannot… SHIT. FARK. can put inside the phone. Cannot detect in card reader… wth?????

Then since i was working… i had to trouble dee to go sim lim get a bluetooth… sooo. yeah got it and came home to try… then install liao for summm farking reason the connection not reeli good….. and i got tulan…. So ytd. which is after sundae… Dee suggested to go buy a new card reader for me… felt bad.. but then still call her to get it lar… cax i was working again too…. then finalli can.


yes.. so now i got 2 card readers and a bluetooth which cannot use. a reader tat can actualli read MMC cards. and a card reader tat cant. i reeli donnoe why the other one cannot lor.

the strangest thing is. the previous card reader uses a driver that has a higer Version than the this current one tat im using. yet… i jus donnoe why cannot lor.

oh why. now trying to sell my bluetooth. any takers? cheap cheap sell u. haha

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