New phone! (UPDATED)

24 Jun

Brog. yes. donnoe brog wat. yeah jus bot a new handphone ytd.


And it was Dee who bot it for me. $538. 2 year plan. why?

Cax its my bdae soon. hohohoho!

So lyk… i jus wana say that my com is isolated frm my phone by the stupid OS. kuku lor. Windows 98 sux. Why? Cax it doesnt support Nokia PC suite, which works on Windows XP and Windows ME. Thus rendering my Hp connectivity cable/USB and the disc itself completely USELESS.

Next up is the Free MMC card Reader they gave me. (Which it claims costs 15 dollars). u’d noticed that i hightlight Free in bold and u noe why is tat so? Cax The farking card reader is not support by windows 98!!! and u noe wats worse?? the back of the Casing actualli had the cheek to say tat u will nid a driver to use this MMC card reader if u are using windows 98/98SE….. SO LYK!!! WHERE THE HELL IS THE DISC TO LET ME INSTALL?!?!?!!!

Nvm u say? can follow the brand name on the casing and search on the net u say? Well.. Obviously 15 dollars stuff are cheap until they don even print their company name there…. Pathetic… the only info i get is this “MEDIA STORE” and “MADE IN TAIWAN” Which i ran a check on the net.. and find it totally USELESS. No info watsoever…. So yeah…

I got Useless stuffs in my house cax im using a SUCKY com wif windows98 installed…. So i have decided… to go sim lim tmr to shop..

but…. i donnoe whether i shld buy a card reader? or jus buy a Bluetooth component??? HMMMM……… Any ideas? anyone?


Thanks for your bdae gift!! haha!

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