15 Jun

yes. Dam long no blog. i shall blog now.

My results:

Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness: S
Sports & Wellness I: S
C Programming: B
Mathematics and Electricity: A
Turning and Engineering Metrology: A
Industrial Engineering and Automation: A

*Note* S is for Satisfactory. The only grade that u can get if u pass for this two subject. Its not ‘super good’ okies? haha!

Overall combined GPA for the whole year(CUM GPA): 3.821

Actualli i wanted to stop here.. but due to special request frm Mr suckyfish…. (he claims he paid subscription to view my blog. but until now the only paid amount was $20. and it was from ME to HIM. kuku.)

Anyways… i jus think tat i could have gotten all A’s. Haiz. Cax of C programming… why i got B. is cax. i nvr actualli studied for it… HO HO HO! and u noe wat. after everything i checked wif my fwen. and i realised tat if i have took the time to study.. lets say 15 mins or wat.. the ‘A’ would have been mine..

Well.. no point in Lamenting.. Better than getting a C for C programming. Rite? HAHAHAHA! …….

Okies. not funny.

Wat is a cause of celebration is my maths… All this years my life… i nvr got a ‘C’ for my maths. not to mention rite now i got an ‘A’. dam… i must put it frankly though… ITE maths is easy. i admit tat.

But if u no study.. (lyk wat i do last time) i don think u can get an ‘A’ lor. Can pass. but surely no ‘A’. aIya.. watever it is.. ITE will NEVER let its student fail.. u got go skool got do homework can liao…

anyways.. i would lyk to say a big thank you to whoever supported me during my exams period..(Was there any in the first placE? i think got abit lar) but most imptly is My darling precious Dee… jus lyk to tell her that wifout her.. i don think i would have studied so hard… and got an ‘A’ for so many things.. hohoho!

Love u loads Dee! muaCks.

Happy now JJ?? type lots of stuffs! now im gona go eat my soggy Ban mian…. Thanks to u!

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