IE sux. So does maths. but IE sux more than maths. yes. its a formula.

16 May

Ritey Ppl. Didnt Update for so long. hohohohoho.

Exams are here. and i jus finished my IE exams.

IE is a reeli sucky subject. until now. i still don understand abot 80% of the whole dam book. this is the first time i have encountered this sort of situation.. and my… do i hate it! sux.

but count my lucky stars IE is actualli more abot Calculation and diagrams more than theory based. the 80% i don noe is actualli all abot theory. while the 20% tat i noe is all abot Calculation and diagram.

Isn’t it strange? a book tat has more theory than Calculation + diagrams has this kinda exam???

I mean.. Section A is mostly abot theory. tat alone is only 40 marks compared to Section B. which is ALL abot calculation and diagrams. tat makes up 60 marks!

The book itself has 24 units. and lyk… 4 or 5 units toks abot calculation + Diagram only lor. the rest is theory.

U mite be wondering.. “I tot u must noe theory than can noe how to draw and calculate??”

BIG FAT CROSS! BOth of them are totally two different thing in IE.

IE is jus strange. Actualli.

It jus sux.

now is MATHS. Dam it. luckily its on thursdae. so i guess i can still slack awhile.

Todae is resting dae. no studying is allowed. my brain juice is wasted all on that stupid IE.

Time to replenish it.


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