Senseless blabber.

25 Apr

Staring at the com screen.

I started to wonder.

Why do u alwaes haf to make your own decisions?
Haf U ever take my feelings into consideration first?
Am i invisible?
Am i not significant?

U are jus lyk a charging bull.
And im the Clown waiting to get impaled.

Do u realised that wat u haf said…
haf made me very miserable?
Do u realised that wat u haf done…
haf made me feel tat im useless?

U think that u are doing this because u love me…
U think tat everything tat u do is Right.
U think that everything is for my own good.



Wat u haf actualli done is jus hurt me…
U make me feel tat im useless for not being able to make u believe me.

Imagine yourself in my shoes,
No matter how hard u try to explain to me.
I am hell bent on doing things my way.
Do u feel frustrated?
Do u feel that I am being unreasonable?
Do u feel that im jus being a smart aleck?
Do u feel that im a selfish S.O.B. who jus loves to live in self denial?
Do u feel that wat im actualli doing is just trying to protect myself frm future harm?
Do u feel that wat im doing has given u uneccessary stress, burden and Distraction?

Rite. maybe u don. but i do!

I noe im partly to blame… cax originally, i am the one who is making u feel this way by nagging and getting worried bot u and all.

so i dedicated the below post to u. so tat u will understand tat wat im doing…

Im not being burdened by u or wateva.

Its just tat… I consider nagging and all this Caring.

And since i care for u too much. i tend to do things excessively.

Caring too much=doing things too much=Giving u the wrong impression

Yeah sumtimes i say things which is kinda gives u the impression tat i am pretty stress up and all this is meaningless. but u noe i haf a stinky mouth. and i shoot wifout thinking first.

yes i regret it. i reeli do.

all im trying to say is. If u truely love me. please. consult me first be4 making crazy decisions concerning us on your own.

A relationship is nvr one-sided.


One last thing to shut u up for good.

Since im placed 3rd on your most impt list.
Then would it be rite to say tat u would do sumthing even more drastic if your fwens and families are worried n get stressed up abot u?

Think abot it.

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