21 Apr

The words of the living.
The words of the dead.
The words of me.
is jus full of crap

My inner domain is full of Sickening sap.
Give me a chance.
and i shall Rap.

Wat ya say?
no no no
i say Mad.

i only noe tat
to lie in the Depth of my cell
Makes me so sad

WAT THE Hell is this?
My mind is a blank
only Death noes wat it is.
Yet all it does is hiss.

Spread your wings and try to flap.
Let your Spirit soar real high.


Don be a fool.
theres no way u can fly.
Give me a hat.
Cax u a are jus FAT.

To live
To die.
Is all but a lie.

Give me a knife
U lame piece of shit!
i’ll stab myself.
Til i bleed.

Moronic is wat i will say.
If u got nothing to do.
cept reading this lame piece of CRAP.

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