12 Apr

i substain a deep cut cut todae on my finger.. its not on the palm side but rather on the top side…. on my middle finger.. straight up towards my nail. god it hurts lor… the blood jus kept flowing.. i didnt now am i suppose to apply pressure? or to let it go through running water? in the end i chose the latter(basically tats cax i didnt wan to press on the wound wif my Dirty hand.) anyways… its fine?

Woot the pain wasss rather shiok… made me so excited all of a sudden…. i wen home and practically went mad.. full of energy.. and i think i nearly wen kuku again…..

LUCKILY, i managed to suppress any weird tots and lame actions…(most of it) cax of a certain sumone…… which i hold very dear.. and it is not my desire to make this sumone worried abot me jus because of no reason watsoeva…. tats pretty selfish in my point of view….

i promised her i wan her to be happy. and i intend to kip tat promise. i mean.. of cax there are sum things tat are beyond my control, wat i trying to say is as long as im wif her. i’ll not do anything stupid to make her unhappy or anything….

Anyways. i donnoe wat to blog abot… nothing interesting happen todae anyways…

Dam for sum reason its starting to feel hot in here….

TMR is WED. TMR is gona be a bad bad baddddd dae at skool. cax ALL THE LESSONs SUX TO THE CORE!!!!

At least skool starts at 10.


I miss my dee. looool

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