11 Apr

Hmmmm… i think tat city of god is a nice show…. yep it is!

IF u are too lazy to click on the link then let me tell u wat it is abot… there is two kids growing up in Brazil’s violent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro… and basicalli one of the kid, called Rocket becomes the narrator and decided to tok abot the life of those he has in contact wif… frm his hOodlum brother to his fwen who became a drug dealer and so on… sumhow their stories are inter-woven together and basically wat the person is trying to tell u is life in this sorta place is reeli reeli reeli tough.

It is totally a awesome show for it reeli shows the viewer the Raw and tough side of this whole neighbourhood… and in order to survive.. u reeli have to use all means… money means power. and power is everything in this side of the town….

this show.. is meant for matured viewers ba.. cax bascially thers lots of crude languages. violence. blood. gore. gangster stuffs. Kids at a young age killing and smoking pots cokes and so on, sum nudity and all…. but i think without all this… the true meaning of this show will not be transmitted to the viewers lor…

Totally cool show! do gib it a try if u get the chance.

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