05 Apr

Lets blog abot….. actualli i oso donnoe wat to blog… jus here to waste time…

HmmmmmmmmMMMM… i only noe tat rite now.. whenever i think of work.. i find it sucky…. haiz.. why must i work? but horr… when i think tat i no work… i noe i will surely Kp say why i no work???

hahah! Working is such a two-sided sword. i have realised tat it is very important to find a job tat u lyk next time… But seriously, isit tat easy? nope i don think so… unless u are toking abot those kinda jobs tat lets u sit at a certain spot doing nothing while a thousand dollars get stuffed in your pocket every 1 second.

Dream on SUCKER!

hmmm…. aRghh… Todae at skool was kinda boring ar…. hmmm… basicalli first lesson was maths lor… and as usual.. i was late ar… late late late… very actualli. skool started at 8.. i managed to wake up only at 8.30 thus i came to skool ard 9.30.

I donnoe why i so gong gong go and tell Dee i late…. she say shes gona ‘K’ me if i were to be late.. but i jus late anyways.. and i told her.. and she says shes gona kick my arse the next time she sees me…

Dee… OOoo Scary! (Ala the Gummi bear commercial)

AS IF SHE CAN! hahahahahahahhah!

argghhh then wat ar? yeahhhh skool shld have ended at 3.30 or sumthing… but lots of lesson was cancelled… and as it was raining… we wen to the library play pokers… and again kena scold by dee. ‘Go library is to read and borrow books blahblahblahblah’

weeeeeeee….. After tat go eat at outside coffeeshop… hmmm… tasty oily chicken rice. not bad reeli.

after tat go home.. and planned to go cut hair… but donnoe why suddenly Baobiao they all go kuku wan to go out walk walk aimlessly wif no reason…. and i oso donnoe why i kuku go and follow themmm… well was kinda rush… so i go cut my hair as fast as possible and came home and bathe… Quek luckily was at bedok.. and thus we all together… To tell u the truth… if Quek nvr come meet me ar.. i think i would have busted them… hahahahha! i miss my bed!

Then oso nothing much lor.. seriously is jus walk walk lor…… i actualli did a dumb thing.. i left my lighter at home and i had to go ard borrowing lighters… sux…

Ah Dumb ski only noe how to kp kb.. kip saying wan to go home go home.. then complain leg sour sour… ninabei! his such a sissy.. and still wan to act hunk.. pui!

My trusty pair of legs was trained so powerfully.. because of all those godam long outings wif baobiao they all… now i think i can walk at 6 hours and my leg still not sour.. yes.. or maybe i jus blowing cow… HAHAHAHAH!

ehhhhh…… come home ard 9+? hmmmmmmmm? The whole dae jus kip msging dee lor… i think i too ‘sticky’ to her liao… hahahha! DAM….. speaking of which, Dee requested sumthing… which is….. WAH.. dammmmmm challenging lor……. Wahhhhh… but i think i can lar…. no problemmm.. anyways.. its gona be a good experience?? hahhaah!! Anyways.. its her bdae ar… no choice

I jus hope i don fail and create sumting tat is not even near wat it shld actualli be….. LOL. rite Dee? hahahah!

MMMMmmmm! i miss my Dee. I miss her smell. i miss her breath, i miss her lips. i miss everything abot her!

miss my dee.

opps! sounding realll ‘sticky’ again. hahahhaa!

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