01 Apr

Todae me went to watch house of fury wif dee.

kinda nice show? more of a “show Star” instead of “show story” kinda show.. meaning to say theres lots of popular actors and actresses til the extent of actually making it the plot of the story.. to put it simply.. u watch this show for its star-studded cast…

Though to be fair.. i must say that the fights scenes are rather realistic.. (JAckie CHan Production lei) so yeahhhh..

notice:sum spoilers are next if u wan to watch the show. better skip it.

The story is the typical same old stuff… Retired secret agent facing family crisis wif a insanely hell bent on revenge almost fully paralyzed man trying to seek revenge and only retired agent noes how thus use all sorts of means to get wat he wan… and secret agent too lousy in the end kena caught then both his children and a old man who noes how to fly goes to save him and after defeating the bad guy the family crisis is solve and they live happily ever after. blah blah blah!

its a action comedy lar… sooo i guess u wouldn get too bored… Oh yeah.. there was this part… where the dude told a extremely cold joke… u definitely wasnt suppose to laugh… but…. our good fwen Dee here… jus so happens to find it funny for sum reason… and she laughed. and upon seeing her laughing for no reason… i laughed.. and then both of us luk lyk retards…. luckily follow on was a funny scene.. so yeah… the audience laughed too… jus later i guess?

swimming in the fish tank….. HAH!!!

anyways.. after thatt… wen to eat.. yoshinoya…. and then actualli wanted to go esplanade. but ended up not going.. too late and thus went to far east slack… Took lots of photos of Dee and me!! hahahaha! interested go Fwenster see. lazy to post here.

Dee is so bz… now I think she is accompanying a fwen… tok tok tok… oh well.. guess i cant tok to her on the phone todae… tmr skoooling! gotta wakeys at 6.30!!!

mite be going to zouk too. Dee chio me lei… see how lar.. most probs is yes… time to sleeeppp!!

miss my Dee.

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