27 Mar

todae is sundae… brog abot wat?

Dee wif me lei… i donnoe wat to say.. wait i say sumthing wrong she beat me how?

this is a good position to headbutt a person lor.. LOL

Im still sick… sianx.. Dee was nice enuff to accompany me all the way.. bo pian lar.. she is my medicine!!! lol. but i think she is jus tired.. tats why come my house sleep… if she no tired.. i think she will oso go home..

well it was nice… to have sumone to accompany u.. to noe tat the one u love is jus beside u… I think i disturbed her sleep by snoring too loudly.. lol.. bo pian. too tired liao…

Oh well.. jus wana say… reeli appreciate it lor…. im contented..


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