What sia?

26 Mar

I donnoe wats gone into Dee.. msg me thos funny dunny things.

Lol… i noe U care lar.. alamak.. i jus don wan to go see a doc cax i don find it neccessary.. my dad don find it neccessary too since there’s so much cough syrup at home…..

And as mentioned in the previous entry… i took my cough syrup liao.. so yeah… and i jus wakeys.. and yeah.. i think i got msg u on Gary’s phone.. u no reply.. so i believe is he evil don let u see the msg..

Wat a despicable dude.. yes he is..LOLOLOLOL.

Actualli tats jus my assumption lar. =X

Rite now.. i reeli reeli wana see u… even for 5 mins i oso happy.. ohhhh welll…. guess i jus go buy my ciggies… eat my dinner. take my med, and sleep


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