26 Mar


Its not getting any better.. it has already been 3 weeks.. and im still coughing..

Dee was lo so todae… She insisted i go see a doc. She said she would had come down to pull me all the way to the clinic if she could. but too bad.. she nids to go meet her fwens. HAHAHAAH!

i refuse to go see a doc.. cax i jus cannot stand the fact that i have to have outside interference in order to get better… tats a sign of weakness… And i hate tat..

Or maybe im jus lazy.

I will tahan until the cough goes away.. or until reeli serious. then i’ll go see a doc. (Maybe i’ll jus go on mondae.. depends on whether im lazy to go skool or not.. *evil grins* Got MC jus take liao. don nid to waste time thinking. HAHAAHA)

Alrite Alrite… i admit… i took sum leftover cough syrup frm the fridge jus now… BUT only because i don wan dee to worry…

Stupid cough. Dam u!!!!

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