22 Mar

Erm… how to say this huh? alamak…

The purpose of this blog is to make myself remember not to act on impulse next time…

sumting happened between me and dee.. but rest assured every things fine now… i jus wan to say that i could have avoided those things… and jus asked her wat was bothering her… but i reeli donnoe wat the heckkkk i was doing blabbering non stop abot silly things which was very silly. Come to think of it… I donnoe why i say those things lor.. DAM. it could be avoided in the first place……

I should not act on impulse next time.. i will not act on impulse next time.. i should think be4 i say anything… and i should pay more close attention to wat the consequences are if i were to blabber… wah kaoz…. Though i noe dee will say ‘its okies’ but heckkkkk i still feel bad….. for wat i’ve done.. basically this stupid mouth of mine jus say things wifout thinking… and whenever i say things wifout thinking.. I alwaes regret it….

ArGHh… I’m lucky to have such a understanding gerl to be my gerlfriend… tolerating me for all those silly things i do..

The following things im gona say is gona be super mushy and totally not lyk me. I shall be reeli embarrassed after saying all this. but i must do it. so that i can remember not to be impulsive next time. SO, peeps… u can stop reading anytime. This is my blog. so shut up and jus read only if u want to.

reeli want to read ar?


No regrets?

Oi! can don read or not? i noe u all confirm plus gurantee will suan me lor.. KNS.

sighs… if u insist…

Dee.. even though u mite be the world’s most BHB gerl in the world.. i still love u. and i will alwaes love u till the dae u say u don love me.(ohh wait.. u nvr DID say u love me in the first place. BOOO…. lol) Yep. i noe i am the world’s most luckiest man to have u as my gerl. considering the fact that I am so emotionally disturbed and seriously so hard to understand… There has been so much up and downs frm the dae i got to noe u. and yeah… it was dammmmm hard to come so far. and come to where we are now… u noe so much abot me.. more than anybody else.. i can say tat u are irreplacable.. and tat if given a chance to spend the rest of my life wif u.. i probably will say yes… but i think i shld get my ear stitched up.. cax im worried i mite go crazy frm hearing you say u are the cutest in the world…. LOL. yessss.. there are sum things… which still bothers me.. but… i guess i shld reeli reeli reeli take it slowly… i act on impulse too much. i wan things to happen too fast… Lyk u say.. One month is long… very long.. so yeah… i shld jus kip my mouth shut.. Deee mite be evil sumtimes… she mite do sum stupid things too. she mite lie to me.. she mite be super stubborn and not heed my advice(lyk smoking lyk her dad is philip morris!!!) but i still noe tat i love her lor. Yep. BUT still. I will rant. I will get angry if u don listen to me. so don think u can get away scot-free!! Don think tat after saying all this i will be all soft and easy to deal wif. u are so wrong gerl! I will nag and nag and nag and nag at u until u get it all into tat thick skull of yours.

its not whether how long u can be together.. its whether or not both of u are together in the first place.(loosely translated frm a very famous quote.. sumthing to do wif a watch commercial long long ago i guess?)

Wheeww.. gib me a chance to go through everything wif u again. And i will still say yes. Dee. when this one month is up.. and everyting goes smoothly… i will be reeli contented.. but if after this one month.. u still feel… weird… then we can alwaes by fwens.. NO HARD FEELINGS.

i will not get upset.. i will not get angry… jus lyk wat i alwaes lyk to say.

Whats yours is yours… whats not yours… will nvr be yours.. no matter how hard u try…

i guess… i have nothing else to say… and im surprised to see that u are stiill reading tis… hahahahahah!!! oh well.. Laugh at me all u wan… i don care liao lor.. i guess this is the first and last time im showing u guys my ‘soft’ side… so yeah.. better make full use of this chance to suan me! lol.

*sidetrack* if u guys were attentive enuff and actualli took the time to read everything on my blog.. u will noticed tat there are entries tat i’ve written abot this certain gerl… all along.. this gerl is dee… lol. yeps.. sooo.. if u wan to noe more abot wat reeli happened between the 2 of us and how we actually met.. u guys can go explore yourself.. lol. hmmm let me help u guys abit… Go to August 31st (2nd entry) and August 29. Start wif august 29… its actualli the story abot how we met.. rather amusing reeli.. its spilt into 2 parts.. cax i think i was too tired to blogged it all down.. hahaha. Njoy!

hmm thats abot it? sorta long blog… hmm i guess i shld go to bed now.. since its 5am.. and Im suppose to wakeys at 9!!!!! going sentosa tmr.. hohohoho… ZzzZzzzZZ

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