21 Mar

Ritey… i think JJ thinks my blog is boring.. so i think i shld blog.

Dam long no blog.. lets blog abot Fri first.

Wen to the adidas expo fair to see how cheap the things were.. and seriously was shocked to find out that everything was reeli super cheap. At least a 60% discount lor.

But still considered exp cax Adidas things are exp in the first place. Furthermore i think we went there too late. there wasn’t many things left to see. even if there were nice thing. it was either too small or too big. Sux.

sKipped to Sat. Went out wif my fwen to this certain Thai disco/pub which i have nvr gone be4. I didnt noe why i went kuku and decided to go wif my fwens in the first place.

anyways.. sumthing reeli funny happened wen we were supposed to meet up and go 2gether. see. there were 4 of us. Waiting for the last 2. this 4 was namely xy,gy,cw, and me.

so. we were waiting near the railings.. When suddenly i spotted this super big and “fresh” Pi sai(snot?) stuck on top of the railings. and apparantly there was this ‘nose hair’ stuck in between.. It was so gross out… and i wonder which of my 3 fwens will kana.. So i decided to kip quiet… (shit i feel so evil….. Bwahahahah!)

And the most obvious target was gy, cax his hand was nearest to the pi sai(snot?) so i occasionally peek a glance at the pi sai(snot?) until i noticed that it was gone!! but…. gy did not have any reaction watsoeva.. So i tot maybe he already realised and got rid of it wifout us noticing? so i continued toking to my fwens… untill i took a quick glance at gy and saw him luking at this funny ‘white stuff’ stuck on his rite palm…. wif a blur look on his face.. And u noe wat he did next????

He actually pick it up wif his left hand, Stare at it attentively and let out a puzzled “eh? wats this?”. then he proceeded to Put it back onto the railing and act as if nothing happened..

At that point of time… I was already laughing lyk a hyena…. i kept laughing and laughing.. I luk at the pi sai(snot) on the railing and kept laughing… my other fwens took a luk at the was i was laughing abot. And Shouted ‘EEEEE PI SAI!’

Now i laughed even harder… and i told my fwen wat i previously saw.. and now all of us were laughing lyk a pack of hyenas.. Gy was half laughing and half screaming his head off for being the ‘suay’ one… i then decided to ask him why he actually wen and stare at it for so long.. and u noe wat he say?

‘I tot it was a grain of rice.’


omg… i laughed til i teared…nabei.. that was the funniest thing i’ve ever encountered for a long time..

So off to this disco/pub when my 2 fwens reached… i have only 3 things to say.

1. the sound system SUCKS lyk hell… Wah… my ears nearly burst lor.

2. no technos!!!! my fwen say got! but maybe wen at the wrong dae. (mostly thai songs)

3. The Thai gerls working there were super pretty!

Only sat there for two hours and left.. spend a total of 13 dollars there. quite cheap.

Went back to the MRT.. and decided to go take a luk to see whether the pi sai(snot?) was still there.. hahahaaha. yes. it was still there. and we started to laugh again….

oh well.. took sum photos while waiting for the train… uploaded to fwenster.. interested go take a luk.. I reeli donnoe WAT the fish ball mother ding dong chee cheong fun i doing.. kip posing those super stupid act cute pose…

Tats the end for sat.. Hmmm… i shall blog abot Sundae on my next entry.. Cax i think this is super long liao. and i think i shld isolate sundae. Cax it was a special dae.(i donnoe abot u guys. to me it is lor. yes im weird)

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