19 Mar


Good morning everybody!! Lol… the hols are here! and i’m gona slack slack slack….

Hmmmmm….. if the following entries doesnt make sense to the rest of u… i deeply apologised.. this is meant for sumone..

Ytd msg.. Was rather disturbing… I didnt noe why she send me tat…. I mean.. if u are unsure.. then why say yes to me in the first place? Nothing’s wrong and everything’s fine.. yet she gave a one month time limit.. its that considered a trial period?? -_-” I too… am not quite used to the feelings… and i feel weird, considering the fact tat it has been quite longgggggggggggggg ever since i started a relationship… But still, i have no intention of setting up a silly probational period of watever…

Cax i noe i love her! and tat is enuff !

I reeli wonder why she cant do the same…

Sumtimes.. i think tat im being treated lyk a toy… my feelings are neglected… Both by her… and every single person tat i noe in this world..

Alll i noe is, i wouldn quarrel wif her over this… neither will i disagree. things have changed.. i wouldn be the Idiotic Joey that i was last time. i will accomodate. i will try my best to be whatever i can be.. and jus hope that i can change her feelings be4 this one month is up…

I don want to lose her.. it was reeli hard trying to get to where we are now.. it would be a pity. If things were to go ‘poof’ jus lyk tat…………………..

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