11 Mar

Im typing this for the 2nd time… the first time got ERROR! and i couldn publish this farking thing!!!! oh my god! i tell u.. todae is a farking suay dae… i aint gona go into detail lyk jus now… im jus gona summarised it.

1. wake up early.
2. skipped lesson no.1 cax com screwed up so stay home and fixed it and ended up playing game cax noe teacher will mark me absent if i go so no use.
3.wen skool at 1pm for lesson no.2
4.don understand wat teacher toking so fool ard in class,as a result…
5.teacher ask me to stay behind to tok abot my diminishing attitude towards skool and why i kip coming to skool late. niam-ed. niam-ed. preach-ed.
9.niam-ed again
10.more niam-ing.
11.Finalli can go home! but ended up taking wrong bus… luckily bus goes to bedok too. jus tat i ended up having to stop sumwhere further than usual. and walk home lyk a fool.
12.10 mins ago,(while typing the original entry) i remembered i haven finish homework tat is dued tmr. so tot can go do after publishing this. But….
13. STupid blogger screwed up and error occurred… now wasting time typing all this over again….

NI NA BU EH. todae reeli is a BAD dae. SUX. i didnt felt so bad when i wrote the 1st entry.. but now im practically boiling… SUX.

OFF to do ma homework….. and this time, i will ALT + A,ALT + C first before i publish… i am such a clever ass.

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