09 Mar


Todae was another one of those boring daes….

Rite now im waiting for Mr Suckerfish and Mr Ducky to finish their Dribing Test so tat we can go have dinner together…. 6.30.. its still dam early… so i think i’ll jus blog.

hmmm.. I think im getting better, and so is my mood…

I’ve found a way to lesson the cough… but actualli eating strespils and fisherman’s friends. Not those sissy kinda flavours. Mine is EXTRA STORNG, SUGAR FREE as stated on the packing.

But, My Ulcer is still active in my mouth, it hurts alot wheneva too much saliva is Concentrated there(It is Acidic u dumbstick) So i have to kip sucking in the saliva jus lyk when u have a toothache… while making that “siicccc” sound… u noe? donnoe? Nvm.

Ar……. I wonder…. I’m wondering abot wat i’ve Said to you ytd…. Was it to extreme? does it sound Exaggarated?

Felt so embarrassed after telling u all tat….

I reeli think tat sumtimes, My mouth is so big i tok too much.

Hmmm, hope i didnt scare you or anything…

*Wonder wonder wonder*

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