09 Mar

I reeli have to blog abot this thing tat has been bothering me for quite some time…

Its reeli a weird thing… Its weird… but not much to mention abot since its nothing serious or wat…. until now tat is…

well. The thing is.. i have been dropping my cigarettes quite often lately.. yes u heard rite. dropping my half-smoked cigarette on the floor lately…

At first i dismiss it as something tat is quite “normal”?

I mean… Sumtimes u jus drop sumthing u are holding for no reason… and jus dismiss it as u being careless or anything rite?

But…. it has been happening too many times…. and furthermore… I ONLY drop my half smoked ciggies… nothing else…. and u noe wat? Sumthing(s) reeli freaky happened todae…

Firstly i was in the toilet doing my business… and while doing it halfway, my ciggies jus dropped into the toilet bowl… YES!!! It did. SUCKS.

Nvm… i nvr tot too much of it untilll…. JUST NOW!!! TAT IS THE FREAKIEST THING IN THE WORLD…

I was going home frm my dinner wif Mr suckyfish and Mr Ducky…

And while waiting for the lift… My ciggie DROPPED again! and here comes the weird part… i wanted to pick up the ciggie(ciggies expensive hor!) but for sum reeli reeli reeli Unknown reason…. the ciggies rolled, My legs moved forward and stepped on it… thereby flattening it..

OMG!!! i got no explaination as to why the heck did my leg went and step on it… all i noe is.. i was shocked beyond words… yes it mite sound exaggarating… but…

I reeli think that sumone or sumthing is telling me to smoke less…. scary… reeli scary…

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