08 Mar

I just felt the need to Type…. or rather tok… to sumone. anyone.

but i donnoe i can tok to who lei… wat shld i tok abot i oso donnoe……. So i guess i’ll jus blog…

i donnoe wat to blog oso….. so i guess i’ll jus say sum lame stuffs lyk I’m sitting infront of my com rite now. typing this. listening to Ayumi’s album: My story, song title no. 1 “Catcher in the light”.

Its not a song actualli. Rather i think it is a introduction… or a short short song. 2.43 mins to be exact. whichever u prefer.

Listening to the REAL song rite now. Ayu’s album:My story, song title no. 2 “About you” 3.57mins.

Its a nice song. No. ALL of Ayu’s songs are nice! This is not a biased statment. I repeat, this is not a biased statment! LOL.

Argh.. Currently my friend is sending me 2 songs. U2’s Vertigo and Dj Rad’s Round and Round(yes its a techno)

Listening to another Great Song. Ai Otsuka’s Kingyo Hanabi. Its nice. yes. I think i did mention it be4 in one of my previous entry…. Yeah. until now i still find it a nice song…

yes. both songs are transferred successfully. now i jus have to Go Pray and hope i don recieve any weird letter frm RIAS or sumthing.

My dad, is laughing his head off watching this channel 8 show rite now. the 9 pm one? yeah i think so. Well i do watch it. sumtimes. but I’ve reeli lose interest in watching singapore series… dam sian lor. this can be proven, cax i watch the 7pm show everydae even though i find the show not to my liking. Ah….

sigh……. Wah.. i think i type quite a lot of stuff unknowingly? lol.

makes u wonder wat u can reeli do when u are bored…. Ar…

i’m so lonely, yet i don feel lyk toking to anybody. or rather. I have nothing to tok abot….

guess i’ll jus go rot in my Abyss.

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