08 Mar

I’ve jus finish watching sum animal abuse/fur thingy widely distributed ard the internet lately.

first of all, i wld lyk to say, im lyk any other human in this world. and i do feel utterly Sick and Shocked at how much a human can do jus for the sake of surviving.

i must praise whoever filmed tis as He/She has managed to capture the maximum amount of gore and cruelty. so tat u guys can Feel wateva emotions u are feeling to the maximum while watching this clip. (don get me? wateva then not in the mood to explain)

Anyways. what i want to actually tok abot is sum ppl’s view after watching tis clip.

Yes. it is cruel. but why don u put a yourself in the other person’s shoes… When u are poor, u tend to worry more abot finding ways to fill your stomach than any other things….. Remember, we are humans. humans are selfish…. when u drive them to desperation, they will do anything to survive….. ain’t u human too? maybe u mite not go skin a animal alive.(basically tats cax u don even noe how to skin one in the first place, and theres no nid to do this kinda “babaric things”. considering other more attractive “higher class” Fast cash out there) but if u are desperate, i think u will choose the most easiest way to earn a quick buck. no ?

Oh please don try and be goody two shoes and say things lyk: I Wouldnt! thou will not do anything tat is against thou’s moral Val-Blah blah blah!!”


I jus don lyk it when sum ppl, after watching the clip, starts to discriminate those dudes who are trying to earn a living… u noe… in those kind of environment, where skools are afew and money are hard to earn, things lyk this earn u a quick buck. and if u were to not mind the gore and blood. i think u can at least not worry abot putting food on the table.

U still think tat i am protecting them and tat im a heartless, compassionless, idiotic son of a dumbfuck who only noes how to blabber during my free time?

Rite.. u guys, stop eating things lyk Shark fins and Frog’s legs.

U noe why???? let me enlighten u. they obtain shark’s fin by capturing a shark(duh!) Chopping off its fins. throw it back to the sea. and let it jus die there.

Frog’s legs. Same method as be4. Grab a frog. chop of its legs. And leave it there.

and there is sumthing even more inhuman…. regarding a certain part(i forgot wat. i think its the leg area) of a animal called a cow, or beef or wateva which is considered a delicacy.

the baby is actually taken away frm the mother IMMEDIATELY after its birth. kept in a small dark shack, nvr to see sunlight, Enclosed in a 4 way fence big enuff only for the calf to sit and stand. Fed Everydae wif unhealthy things tat make them grow fat quickly, and after 3 months,slaughtered… For wat? so tat YOU guys can eat sumthing tats not even worth the money.

It is illegal to actually use this kinda method to obtain the meat. but there ARE still ppl out there doing it illegally.. why not? it is a Lucruative trade u noe?

All because of wat? Selfishness and Greed in human.

and let me tell u sumthing abot chickens. i do not noe which country singapore import them frm. but a certain country(which i think is an asian one) De-Feather chickens, by actually throwing them into a washing machine thingy while they are ALIVE.

yes. lots of things u guys still donnoe. and i noe i aint fluent enuff to shut peeps up and i noe sum of u will wan to argue wif me.

Well shut your pie hole cax this is my blog. no comment will be entertained.

My point is, I reeli hope tat Instead of Just boycotting their products(a short term goal), Long terms solution nids to be enforced in the area… Things lyk more education, Creation of new jobs, better enconomy and such… this are the things tat will reeli reeeli reeli put an end to this kinda things. but of cax. problems are endless in this everchanging world. but i guess u jus have to cope wif it?

Remember, im a animal lover too. but Im a human, and so are u. we are, by default, on top of the univeral food chain.

I think the only discrimination u can reeli justify is when sumone Abused and Treat a animal wif cruelty, WITHOUT any reason watsoeva… I feel strongly for tat.

And Tat is wat i reeli call. Inhuman.

SPCA has lots of cases of this kinda abuse. And i hope more ppl can be educated on this kinda things rather than go any how point fingers when they don even noe wats reeli happening…

Thanks for your time.

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