My thoughts.

08 Mar

Lurking in my own little world…… oblivious to the surrounding, I stare.

I stare at wats to come

I stare at the extent of the destrution done.

I stare at Myself in the mirror

I see a facade.

I see nothing but despair.

Such a wreck up little world i am in.

I feel… mortified…. for i tot…… I had done my best to be wat i want to be….

But deep down…. I noe…. nothing will change….

Bounded I am, by the string of Deception.

Decepted by myself, running from things i shouldnt be running from.

Life is foreva a Stigma, Jaded you are, for internity.

i am nothing wifout life.

Yet, Life is still there wifout me….

So why live?

To live is to die, to die is a blessing…

Lurking, stalking.. In my own little world……

Fear not my friends,

For soon this dark cloud of remorse shall pass.

Gone will be the blank, fixed, and enigmatic expression

In its place will be the ever familiar masque u Peeps call….


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